Wenduine is a seaside resort on the Belgian coast and part of the municipality of De Haan.
The place has approximately 4000 inhabitants.
Wenduine is also called the Princess of the Seaside Cities.
Wenduine has been a fishing village since the Middle Ages and developed into a seaside resort in the twentieth century with the arrival of the coastal tram.

Nature and landscape

Wenduine is located on the Belgian North Sea coast.
There is a beach and between Wenduine and De Haan is also the area Duinbossen,
consisting of wooded dune area.
To the south of this one will find the Zandpanne nature reserve.
To the east of Wenduine lies the nature reserve Kleiputten van Wenduine.

Some sights:

Former town hall, built in 1935 to replace the previous one in Kerkstraat
Holy Cross Exaltation Church.
The Hubertmolen, a small wooden stake mill from 1880.
De Spioenkop, a lookout post on the second highest dune on the Belgian coast (31 meters).
Wenduine Cemetery

Annual events:

  • Sea Consecration (Whit Monday)
  • Giant parties (2nd weekend of July, giants Louw, Wanne and Scutteman)
  • Wenduine night (2nd week of August, evening street entertainment on the promenade and fireworks on the beach)

Furthermore, the carnival, the open day of the fire brigade and the fair.

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